Your Councillors

To view the Councillors Declarations of Interest for Cadney cum Howsham Parish Councillors click here
To contact a councillor please go via the clerk.

Mrs Petra Simone Heath

The Haven Main Street Howsham

Susan Margaret Hoy

Co-opted Sept 2017

Grange Cottage Cadney

Mrs Ruth Elizabeth Kitching

Vice Chairman

Prospect House Main Street Cadney

Mrs Jayne Elizabeth Hempstock


Laburnum Cottage Main Street Howsham

Mrs Fiona Florence Leahy

Merryweather House Howsham

Mrs Geraldine Ann Clayton

Co-Opted July 2015

The Barn House Roseholme Barns Main St Howsham

County Councillors

Neil Poole (Conservative)
2 Well Street
North Lincolnshire
DN17 3RT

H 01724764016
M 07860799178
W 01725296296

Neil Poole's website

John England (Conservative)
11 Westfield Drive
North Lincolnshire
DN17 3PD

H 01724763004
M 007790676006
W 01725296296


Trevor Foster (Conservative)
29 Park Street
North Lincolnshire
DN17 3RU

H 01724762119
W 01725296296