Cadney Cum Howsham Parish Council

The meeting of Full Council on Wednesday the 20th of July 2022 at Howsham Village at 7pm has been moved to the 27th of July at Howsham Village Hall for 7pm respectively. The Personnel Meeting previously postponed to the 27th will now be postponed again to a date and venue announced shortly. The council apologises for the delay agendas and minutes are available on the Agenda and Minutes page of this website.

There have been a lot of planning applications in the last few months and the council thought it would be best to help you understand the planning process at a parish level.

Neighbours of applicants are no longer informed by post, only by notices posted around the address. All applications are posted on the North Lincolnshire Planning Portal which you can find here; You should look at all applications carefully, and you can put your main objections in writing on that website.

The council is working towards more road safety solutions this year starting with a road survey leading to the establishment of the Community Speedwatch Scheme. We are once again looking for volunteers for this project. Please get in contact with the Clerk if you would like to take part. It requires six volunteers to remain viable. Two councillors and one volunteer have kindly come forward.

Parish councils are statutory consultees and offer an opportunity for parishioners to offer support or raise concerns. Each application has a consultation period decided by the presiding officer, if it falls within the regular meeting cycle it will be reviewed at a full council meeting. If it falls outside that period and is deemed to be of significant interest by the council, for example a major business development or an application that will have a major effect on infrastructure, then an extraordinary meeting will be called. Simple applications will be delegated to the Clerk in consultation with councillors to represent their views.

If an application is to be heard at a council meeting, agenda for that meeting with applications will be placed in the noticeboards in Cadney and Howsham, on the council website and be available from the Clerk on request

The Council for the Protection of Rural England and the National Association of Local Councils have produced this leaflet with more information on how to respond to applications that may cause you concern.

There are lots of opportunities for walks in the Parish and below is the link to the North Lincolnshire Definitive maps of Public Footpaths;

We would encourage you all to take walks this summer, not just for the good of your health, but as footpaths become less used to it is more difficult to maintain the Right of Way. So please enjoy these walks during the warm months and ensure these paths are in use for the generations to come.

The community in Cadney are working on building a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. It was raised at Council this month that perhaps Howsham would like to participate so if you would like to get involved, please let the Clerk know via email and he will collect names to see if this is a viable project.

With the Queen's Jubilee celebrations being this year, a separate committee is being established to support ideas and ways to celebrate. The committee is looking for as many diverse ideas as possible to help represent everyone in the two villages, so please come forward with any projects you think would mark the occasion well!

If you would like to volunteer for either of these projects please let the Clerk know via email or by phone 07971920551.

Over the last year the council has tried to be very vocal about the issues the parish suffers with fly tipping. Just before and during the lockdowns as less people were out and about, we seemed to have a spate of cases which encouraged us to be more vocal about our concerns and we asked parisohoners to report every incident to either North Lincolnshire Council or through the Clerk or both. This has been a successful strategy, however with the nights drawing darker we are concerned that tipping may start up again and we wish to remind everyone the visual blight that it is on the landscape, the cost it brings to the council and therefore to the taxpayers of North Lincs, and of course the fact it is illegal. There have been successful prosecutions brought in the Parish in recent years. So please report any incidents to North Lincs via the portal here;

Or the Parish Clerk on

cadney Brige

 Parish Room Cadney

The parish boundary is defined by water with the old river Ancholme to the east, Kettleby beck to the north and North Kelsey beck to the south. Predominantly farm land, both villages have working arable and beef farms. Many of the old farm houses and buildings have been converted into attractive houses.

The village of CADNEY was first recorded in the Doomsday Book as Catenai and throughout time as been spelt a variety of ways including Cadenai, Kadenei and Kadnay. Translated the villages name means 'island or dry ground in marsh, of a man called Cada'.

The village of HOWSHAM lies in the northern part of what was historically known as the Yarborough Wapentake. A ‘Wapentake’ is a Norse word translating as ‘a hundred’ and was an old way of dividing up the land in the Eastern counties.

The parish church of All Saints has its roots in Norman times and was restored between 1912 and 1914 by Sir Charles Nicholson is Grade 1 listed The church of is of stone in the Norman style, consisting of chancel, nave, south aisle, chantry, south porch and a western tower containing one bell: there is an oak screen, beautifully carved, and a Norman font: in 1865 a severe gale of wind carried away the roof of the chancel, but a new roof has been erected at the cost of the Earl of Yarborough: beneath the pulpit is a stone inscribed to the memory of the Pye family and bearing date 1699: there are also the remains of a stained window in the south aisle: the chancel and chantry each retain a piscina: the church was closed for restoration in 1895, and divine service is now held in a licensed Mission room. The register dates from the year 1564.

To the west stands the remains of Newstead Priory a small Gilbertine house founded by Henry II in 1171 and upon its dissolution in 1538 housed a prior and five canons.
The village of HOWSHAM is a small hamlet, which lies to the east of Cadney. The larger of the two villages it once had a railway station located on the Grimsby to Lincoln line which closed in 1965; however the line remains in use today.

The Village Hall, formerly the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel and School Room, together with the Park is a very popular community venue for social and leisure events.